To do the preliminary demand to You necessary to know:

1. The Contact person of the customer (the name of the company, city, area, state and contact telephones).

2. The Place of the finding of the cargo.

3. The Place of the loading ( the city, area, state).

4. The Place of the unloading (the organization, street, house, city, area, state and contact telephones).

5. The Supposed costs on transportation and accompanying services.

6. The Terms of delivery
INKOTERMS 2000 «DDU, DDP, CTP, EXW, FCA» and other.

7. The Date of the loading.

8. The Date of the arrival of the cargo (than quicker that connected with this expenseses above).

9. The Container no, 20 ft, 40 ft, 40В ft.

10. The Desired type of transportation "raiway, sea, auto, plain, mixed".

11. The Name.

12. The Code TN VED (if it is notified).

13. The Country of the origin (the fabrications).

14. The Weight (the NET, GROSS).

15. The Sizes (the height, width, length).

16. The Amount (sht).

17. The Cost "USD, EUR, EEK, RUR".

18. The Amount of the places.

19. The Russian certificates (there is).

20. Presence certificate and license (there is or no).

21. The Storage facilities "use, no".

22. The Customs registration it is "necessary, no necessities".

23. Single transportation or frequentative (for determination of the route).